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Product: PMF Pocket 2000 memory foam Mattress all sizes

PMF Pocket 2000 memory foam Mattress all sizes


Sleep in supreme comfort with the Pearl Pocket Spring Pillow Top Mattress. Handmade in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen, this mattress is designed to enhance your sleep. Pocket springs are coupled with an exquisitely stitched pillow top surface to ease you into uninterrupted perfect sleep.

What are pocket springs?

Pocket springs are small individually packed springs cushioned in their own pockets of material and filling to provide support across your body. These springs will independently react to movements on the mattress to make sure they provide support to where it is needed the most for you and your partner. If your partner tosses and turns, you won’t be disturbed because only the area of the mattress they’re lying on will adjust to their movement.


Firmness Rating


Spring Type

A pocket spring system with 2000 pocket springs which provide the best support possible for you and/or your partner.

Upholstery Design

An elegant damask fabric cover graces this mattress for a beautiful finish.


It’s both hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. Whether you suffer from allergies or not, you can enjoy a healthy night’s sleep.


The air vents boost airflow and offer incredible breathability. This prevents you from overheating as you sleep and helps to keep the mattress fresh.

Turning Handles

Handles are attached to the sides and make it easier for you to turn or rotate the mattress.

Hand Stitched

The hand stitched border provides extra support and creates a firmer mattress edge for long-lasting quality.

Mattress Depth

It is approximately 10 inches (25cm) deep.

Mattress Filling

A layer of density foam provides plush comfort to help your body fully relax.

Mattress Tension

The medium comfort is perfect for those who sleep on their back and also encourages good blood circulation so you wake up feeling refreshed.


You can rest easy knowing that this mattress is fully compliant with UK fire regulations

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